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Meditation Tips to Help with Depression

Depression is being stuck in a perpetual negative cycle. The same thoughts, same feelings of dejection and emptiness constantly haunt your mind. It is a harmful condition that splits families, friends, and colleagues. Most people suppress their depression because it is not “socially acceptable”. People feel they have something “wrong with them” and are afraid to share.  The suppression just makes it worse. My …

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3 ways of breaking bad habits with meditation

Upon the mention of ‘Meditation’, many find themselves thinking of the image of Buddha, cross-legged and perfectly still. To the masses, meditation is often associated with religion or spiritualism. However, spiritual meditation is merely one of the many facets of meditation. Meditation in the new age is an effective psychological tool. It is the act of being …

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What is Meditation?

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Meditation” – Gurus sitting on mountaintops in pretzel-like poses? While that might be the case somewhere, the truth is meditation is much simpler than that. It is a state of being, like being aware, being surprised, or being calm. Confusing? It doesn’t have to be like …

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