Get Happy with Compassionate Meditation

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” ~ Dalai Lama

In the beginning, meditation was something I struggled with a lot. It felt like pushing a rock up a hill. After years of slowly making it a routine, I am now able to see the positive impact it has had.

One of those amazing changes over the years has been a change in my attitude. More importantly, it has helped build a sense of empathy and compassion. Not only for myself but for others around me.

Compassionate meditation is a great meditation technique to change your attitude and perception of the world immediately.

The world we live in now exists of the “I”. The “I” is the ego that inflates itself by making the world revolve around itself. “I want a new car”, “I want more money”, “I want this, that”. etc…

These thoughts about the self fuel us with desire and greed that lead to frustration when they are not met. It is not bad to have goals but sometimes they skew our expectations of the real world.

So what is compassion?

Compassion is showing gratitude and appreciation in your life. It is the removal of “suffering” or emotional discomfort. Instead of letting emotions get the best of you, you look at your situation with a positive mindset.

Changing your mindset starts with your thoughts. The thoughts that go through your mind ultimately create the world that is around you. In the famous quote by Bob Richards ~ “You are what you think you are”

Compassion changes your thoughts about any situation. Compassion is not about having pity. It is also not about self-loathing. It’s about seeing the best of the situation and extracting the key lessons you can take back to your life.

Compassion is contagious!

I walked into a meeting where my manager was going off the wall. He was yelling at everyone for not hitting their targets and was placing heavy penalties on the employees. After the weekend, his frustration was clearly visible from a mile away. I pushed all my negative thoughts aside about him and said

  • “He is pushing me to become better”
  • “I am thankful for his concern about me not performing my job right”

I meditated on this for 5 minutes at my desk and felt at ease. I got up and walked over to his office. Once inside, I said

“Thank you very much for pushing me to become better, Ray”.

“Are you joking?” said Ray.

“I sincerely mean it. You are just stressed because of pressure from the boss” I said smiling as big as I can.

I left the office. Within 30 minutes he had sent an apologetic email to all staff members about his outburst in the morning.

Sometimes sharing the compassionate energy with the person you love, work with or enemy can help ease a lot of tension.

How to practice Compassionate Meditation?

This is a simple exercise that can be used at the office, home and at the park.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with your arms to the side.
  2. Close your eyes and inhale fully.
  3. Exhale out through your mouth.
  4. Recall a memory that is affecting you negatively. It could be of a loved one or someone that just really got on your nerve today.
  5. The emotional turmoil will begin inside you.
  6. Reflect on the situation that had caused it.
  7. Now say “Thank you” as if you were speaking to them.
  8. Continue “Thank you for ________”. Fill in the lesson they have taught you.

To find out what lesson you have learned, try asking internal questions.

– Why are you upset?

– Is it your fault?

– What has that situation taught you?

Simple fast and easy Compassion

Compassion is easy to practice and include in your daily life. When you say thank you to the person who opens the door for you or brings you coffee, means it with your whole soul.

Compassion will nourish your heart and make the surrounding world a lot nicer place for everybody.

I would love to hear your stories about compassionate meditation. If you would like to share them, then feel free to comment below.